January 2021 Tea Data: China Exports & US Imports

Report on tea exports and imports

The most recent data from the China Tea Marketing Association and the US Census Bureau (GATS) was recently published regarding China exports and US imports of tea for January 2021.


Data on China exports had not been released at time of publication.



  • Black tea volumes revealed lowest January in 3 years, but an uptick over the previous 3 months' volumes
  • Green tea volumes were also at lowest January in 3 years, and continued its 2-3 month decline
  • Average prices for the largest volume segment of black tea (HS code 0902400000) declined by 6%
  • Average prices for the largest volume segment of green tea (HS code 0902209050) increased by 13%


Firsd Tea and other tea importers continue to see shipping delays created by Shipageddon. Ocean freight rates are currently 2-4 times higher than average, and ships are waiting 5 or more days off parts of the West Coast before being cleared to enter ports and unload. These impacts are affecting both pricing and delivery schedules. Please contact your Firsd Tea representative to learn more.

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