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KST-CHAI Masala Chai

KST-CHAI Masala Chai

Firsd Tea's Masala Chai is a traditional chai blend. It includes the warming notes of cinnamon and ginger along with aromatic cardamom. The blend originated in India, where it means "spiced tea."  There may be several variants of chai, depending on location, season, and preference. Rich and flavorful, this tea blend includes black tea, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, and flavors.

Contains caffeine.

available in

USDA Organic and Kosher options available


Masala Chai can be served warm with milk and sweetener for a traditional beverage. Craft brewers use 1-2 lbs per bbl on the cold side. Some baking and dessert recipes may substitute the liquor in place of water, or infuse milk with masala chai.

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