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OCG025 Organic Matcha #2

Firsd Tea’s matcha is a finely milled green tea from Zhejiang Province, China. Matcha was originally used in ancient Chinese tea ceremonies, and was later introduced to Japan. Culinary-grade matcha is used as a natural ingredient for flavoring and coloring foods and beverages. More premium and ceremonial grade matchas are used for bottled matcha drinks, matcha lattes, and traditional matcha beverages. Higher grade matchas, when traditionally prepared, create a frothy foam with a deep green liquor.

OCG025 Organic Matcha #2 is made from tencha leaf- green tea leaves specially shade-grown for a defined period. Shading the plants increases chlorophyll content, prevents development of tannins, and enhances the dark emerald-green color of the fresh leaves. Tencha is laid out flat to dry and then partially rolled. It can then be de-veined, de-stemmed, and milled to the fine, bright green powder known as matcha. It can take up to one hour to mill 40 grams of matcha.

OCG011 Organic Matcha is a higher grade matcha from Jingshan County, within the Yuhang District of Hangzhou, China. Production of OCG011 involves a higher quality leaf that follows the same process as Organic Matcha #2. Jingshan County is known for the ancient Jingshan Temple, where early Japanese Buddhists traveled to study Buddhism and returned to Japan and spread the matcha tradition there.

Contains caffeine. Allergen free. Non-GMO.

See our Matcha Guide for more info on matcha's benefits.

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USDA Organic, Fair Trade, Kosher, Rainforest


Higher quality matcha is known for sweet, vegetal character with low astringency and a silken texture. The cup should show a deep green liquor that holds a sustained froth.

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