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OCAH002 Organic Hibiscus

OCAH002 Organic Hibiscus

Firsd Tea's OCAH002 Organic Hibiscus delivers rich red color and tart flavor of traditional hibiscus. Sometimes referred to as sorrel, hibiscus is popularly used to make punch and a traditional Jamaican holiday drink.

Caffeine free. USDA Organic

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USDA Organic | Kosher


Use Organic Hibiscus: * As a traditional punch, it can be a warm weather drink with citrus and/or ginger * As a winter punch, it is combined with cinnamon and allspice * Craft brewers use 1-2 lbs per bbl on the cold side to infuse rich red color and tart fruity flavor for light, bright summertime beers (e.g. kolsch, pilsner, etc) * Tea blends use hibiscus with red berries and cherry flavors to provide fruit tartness and deep red color

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