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OCG020 Organic Jasmine Bouquet

OCG020 Organic Jasmine Bouquet

Organic Jasmine Bouquet offers the luxurious experience of jasmine green tea with a versatile, value-positioned leaf.

Green teas like organic jasmine bouquet have mild caffeine levels and contain antioxidant polyphenols and l-theanine amino acids. 

Organic Jasmine Bouquet was grown in Guangxi Province. Like other jasmine green teas, the tea leaves are naturally imbued with the scents of real jasmine flowers via a process that repeatedly applies fresh jasmine flowers until the tea leaves absorb the natural perfume.

Contains caffeine. Allergen free. Non-GMO.

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USDA Organic | Fair Trade | Kosher | Rainforest


Jasmine Bouquet liquor is golden-to- bright-yellow, and has a sweet jasmine aroma with a slightly astringent bite.

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