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OEH009 Organic Yerba Mate

OEH009 Organic Yerba Mate

Firsd Tea's OEH009 Organic Yerba Mate is a caffeinated member of the holly family that is native to South America. It has long been a popular communal beverage in Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, and parts of Brazil. It was originally cultivated by the indigenous tribes of the area, especially the Guarani people. Green mate has a mildly sweet, herbaceous flavor and is now used in caffeinated soft drinks.

Contains caffeine. USDA Organic.

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USDA Organic | Kosher


USES: Craft brewers use 1-2 lbs per bbl on the cold side for beer and for hard seltzer applications ___ Tea blends use yerba mate in place of green tea to give mild flavor with caffeine ___ Yerba mate can be used in place of tea in kombucha ___ Yerba mate can be used to create iced tea

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