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Se Chung Oolong

NCO001 Se Chung Oolong

Firsd Tea’s Se Chung Oolong is a rolled wulong tea from Anxi, Fujian Province. It is a medium oxidized, and medium roasted. The term “se chung” or (se zhong) was originally used as a category of serval tea varieties, and se chung teas can be a blend of these varieties.

Contains caffeine. Allergen free. Non-GMO.

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USDA Organic | Fair Trade | Kosher | Rainforest


Se Chung steeps to a golden color liquor with soft floral aromas combined with honey and toasted grain. The texture is lightly smooth, and the flavor combines roasted sweet character with a mild acidity. The aftertaste echoes a mellowed, warm, and woody sweetness.

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