Graphic China Tea Data

2021.06.01 The tea trade - in graphs

A collection of graphs that show China's place in global tea production and trade. Thanks to the China Tea Marketing Association for providing much of the necessary data.

Where are the world's tea fields? (2019 share of hectares planted)

China is investing significantly in production, with increasing amounts of new tea fields

How much tea is produced by country? (2019 MT)

China produces about double the amount of tea compared to its nearest competitor

What are the top global tea-exporting countries? (2019 MT)

Kenya has less domestic tea consumption compared to China and India

What are the major zones, or belts, of mainland Chinese provinces that produce tea?

Major production is shifting to the Central and Western Belts

Where are China's tea fields? (10K Hectare)

Note: belts indicated by color groups

Where is China's tea produced? (10K MT)

Note: belts indicated by color groups

Compare Guizhou's increase in planting (hectares) and then jump in production

What share of Chinese tea is produced green, black, or other? (2020 MT)

Black tea recently surpassed dark teas to become the 2nd most produced tea

What share of China's tea exports are green, black, or other? (2020 MT)

China leads in green teas compared to all other major producing and exporting countries

What are the major export destinations for Chinese tea? (2019 MT)

Morocco is the biggest export destination, but only about 13% of China's total annual production leaves the country.

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