Shipageddon For Tea?

Ocean and domestic logistics prepare for the worst


News reports and feedback from logistics partners indicates that an international and domestic "shipageddon" is on its way to the US in the 4th quarter,

  • UPS and FedEx are anticipating requests to exceed capacity and may refuse orders
  • Trucking companies are posting near-record high freight rates
  • Trucking companies are implementing peak surcharges. Reports are coming in that for every delivery currently on the road, there are more than 5 truckloads waiting for pickup
  • Ocean freight carriers are at or near full capacity, with containers waiting weeks at port to be loaded
  • Ports will feel the strain of keeping up with the backlog of off-loading ships
  • These pressures could also cause the logistics chains of major retailers to buckle, including Walmart and Amazon, further compounding problems

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The coffee industry has already been hit hard by cargo shipping delays, as Brazil's record-setting crop has been held up at port. Brazil is the world's largest producing-exporter of coffee.


Firsd Tea is responding to the potential disruptions in supply. Containers on both the East and West coasts have recently arrived in warehouse, with further supply already ordered.

As in the past, we do encourage our customers to provide the most timely and reasonable order projections to better assure a steady flow of tea supply.

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