Tea Craft Inspiration Elder Pine's Kankitsu


Elder Pine Brewing & Blending released Kankitsu early summer 2022. It is a Japanese-inspired lager that is crisp and citrusy.


The elements of this beer include.

Lager. The clean and clear profile of many lagers provide a solid background for other flavor elements to come forward. This description of this particular lager includes both rice and wheat. Rice is an especially nice choice as it creates that lighter, neutral character that can be found in Asian-style beers.

Green tea. Although the type of tea used in Kankitsu is mentioned, one potentially useful tea could be genmaicha, a blend of steamed green tea and toasted rice that originated in Japan. The green tea and rice elements would certainly highlight the Japanese inspiration, and play well with a serving of sushi.

Yuzu and lemon. Yuzu has been an East Asian tradition for centuries for its flavor and rich aroma. Combined with the right dose of lemon, the two deliver that bright citrus pop that makes the lager more refreshing.

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