Tea Craft Inspiration: Four City's Winnie Sour


The beautiful thing about Arnold Palmer inspired beers is the endless delicious combinations possible. Four City Brewing brings their spin with a Winnie Sour.


Source: Untappd

From Four City's tap listing (2022.09.13):

"Winnie Palmer, wife of the famous professional golfer, Arnold Palmer, also had a drink named after her similar to her husbands'. The Winnie Palmer drink which mixes sweet tea (instead of unsweetened tea) and lemonade was the inspiration behind this sour ale. Winnie Sour was made with lemons and black tea, and along with some malt sweetness, the brew is reminiscent of the sweet, classic beverage!"


Arnold Palmer-inspired beers are especially popular during the hot summer months, and this one fits the bill in several ways. Using a sour beer allowed Four City to evoke lemon tartness without having to go heavy on actual lemon fruit puree, which can often steer the sourness astray and overpower the actual lemon flavor. Secondly, the right black tea is important. Not just any black tea will do. The right black tea offers briskness and a rounded, sweet maltiness.

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