Tea Craft Inspiration: Headworks' Earl Grey Stout


Headworks Brewing released their latest iteration of their Vanilla Bean & Earl Grey Stout beginning in early 2022, and it has been a steady member of the taproom lineup.


Courtesy: Untappd

The elements of this beer include.

Stout. The clean and clear profile of many lagers provide a solid background for other flavor elements to come forward. This description of this particular lager includes both rice and wheat. Rice is an especially nice choice as it creates that lighter, neutral character that can be found in Asian-style beers.

Vanilla. Options for incorporating vanilla into beers can vary, some of the most common applications use natural and artificial flavorings, liquid vanilla extract, or ground/whole vanilla beans. The format selected often comes down to cost and the desired intensity and quality evident in the glass.

Earl Grey Black Tea. This flavored black tea incorporates bergamot citrus flavors with the lightly drying effect of black tea. Earl Grey has been a popular tea for centuries because of its refreshing citrus aroma and tannic refreshment. Firsd Tea can help you find the right earl grey tea for your project.


The trick with using flavors and flavored teas arises when some of the oils in some flavorings can limit head retention. Speak with a knowledgeable brewer, flavorist, or tea provider to better understand how to create the flavors and appearance you seek in your craft brew.

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