Tea Craft Inspiration: Lawless Brewing's Hacker's Helper


Lawless Brewing released Hacker's Helper as a pilot batch in April 2022 and sold out before the end of the month. Though limited in its production and reviews, indications point to a successful brew. Those few did get the chance to try it rated the beer very highly, so this brew will very likely return.


Credit: Untappd

Descriptions of this beer keep it simple: "lemon tea lager." These three comprise the legs of the stool.

Lager. A crisp, clean flavored beer is a great starting point for a refreshing summertime taste that won't overpower the other elements.

Lemon. There are a few ways to get a good lemony flavor in beer, some better than others. One is to use tea that has lemon flavoring (natural or artificial). Flavored tea means one less ingredient to handle, but flavored tea may not infuse the desired intensity of flavor. And depending on the types of flavoring used, the oils in flavoring can affect head retention in some beers.

Lemon fruit puree can be a natural way to add real lemon to beer. However, purees can add citric acid (ie sourness) and natural sugars from the fruit that can interfere with the fermenting process.

Lemon myrtle can be an ideal solution. Lemon myrtle contains some of the highest levels of aromatic compounds associated with lemons- citral, citronellal and linalool, without adding citric acid sourness. Rich lemon flavor without the sour of lemon juice.

Tea. A good black tea is called for. The tea should be brisk enough to provide a hint of that familiar black tea bite while still delivering other character, like the fruity, malty notes. Firsd Tea has a selection of black tea options to fit the bill.

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